About Us

We are Anne & Pete, a couple who have decided to sell up and travel Australia before we are too old and sick to do it!  This trip has been in the planning for at least 6 years and to be honest I was giving up hope that it would ever happen.  But as things turned out everything fell into place in 2016 and on the day our house settled 11 November 2016 we hooked up the van and drove out knowing we would never be back.

We are travelling with our two labradors BJ and Bubs and while it can sometimes be a little difficult we would not do this without them.

Originally from Adelaide we both wanted to resettle somewhere up north, Adelaide winters are just too cold and getting colder.  So we thought why rush it, why not take our time exploring Australia and find the perfect place for us to resettle.  Originally we were talking a 2 year trip but in just over 6 months we have seen very little of Australia and I can see us living on the road for many years to come.

BJ and Bubs